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Cultural & Tribal Tourism in India :  
  India has a huge population, the second largest according to 2001 census. India boasts upon its wide cultural diversity. According to the last census, India has 577 tribes throughout the country. Tourism industry in India has developed based on these tribes in different parts of India. So if you are planning for a theme based tour in India, Cultural & Tribal Tourism in India will be one of the best options for you. There are many tour operators and travel agents who conduct Cultural & Tribal Tourism in India. Like tribes of any other country, Indian tribes are unique in their own. Each of the tribes have their own rituals, beliefs and tradition. Cultural & Tribal Tourism in India is broadly categorized in 4 main divisions.

So while traveling India, you can visit Central India where the tribes are present in states like Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. Cultural & Tribal Tourism in India is also pretty developed in the northeastern states of India that include the tribes of Assam, Tripura, Meghayala, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Sikkim, Manipur and Mizoram. Each of the tribes of these states have their own culture and tradition which varies widely according to the tribes. The tribes have their own beliefs, festivals and lifestyles which will make your Cultural & Tribal Tourism in India a most memorable one. If you want to get the real flavor of rural India the Cultural & Tribal Tourism in India is the ideal tour for you. There are also many local tribes based at Rajasthan and Gujarat. So several tour operators carry out itinerary cultural and tribal tour in Western India. You will also enjoy Cultural & Tribal Tourism in South India where you will get a chance to meet the tribes of Orissa and South India.

Apart from spending a day or two with the local tribes, you can also enjoy the flora and fauna of the states your are visiting. The tribes have their own festivals and rituals at certain time in the year. Ask your tour operator about the schedule so that you can also enjoy the tribal dance and music which is rare to see in city life. You can also have first hand experience of some of the customs and rituals of the tribes. There are many travel and tour operators in India who conduct well managed Cultural & Tribal Tourism in India. So if you are traveling to India for the first time, you can seek for help from any of these tour operators. They will take all the responsibilities of your accommodation, food and transportaion throughout your tour. The travel agents take utmost care to make your tour as much hassle free as possible. While traveling different tribal areas you can collect the different handicraft products made by the tribes. You can get souvenirs like metal jeweleries, straw baskets, mats, textile and fabric products for your friends. For more detailed information keep browsing the pages oly at our informative site holidayshub.com and experience a hassle free and smooth navigation that you never enjoyed before!
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